SkógafossLocated on the south coast of the country, Skógafoss is considered one of Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls.
Skógafoss -]]>
KirkjufellKirkjufell and the Kirkjufellfoss Waterfall located at its feet form one of the most emblematic views of Iceland after starring in Game of Thrones.
Kirkjufell -]]>
LeirhnjúkurLeirhnjúkur is the most impressive attraction in the volcanic area by Lake Myvatn.
Leirhnjúkur -]]>
DynjandiDynjandi, also known as Fjallfoss, is the biggest waterfall in Westfjords and one of the most beautiful in Iceland.
Dynjandi -]]>
JökulsárlónFloating icebergs and large colonies of seals have made Jökulrsárlón, on the southern coast of Iceland, one of the most visited places in the country.
Jökulsárlón -]]>
ThingvellirDiscover what to see and how to visit Thingvellir, one of the highlights of the Golden Circle and one of Iceland's most important historical sites.
Thingvellir -]]>
Sun VoyagerSólfar, or Sun Voyager, is a steel sculpture on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
Sun Voyager -]]>
Keflavik AirportLearn all about Keflavik Airport, Iceland's main international airport, and find out how to get to there from Reykavik.
Keflavik Airport -]]>
Old HarbourRestaurants, museums, cruises.
Old Harbour -]]>
LaugavegurThe long and lively Laugavegur is the main shopping street in Reykjavík and the most picturesque area of the Icelandic capital's historical centre.
Laugavegur -]]>
Tjörnin LakeLocated in central Reykjavik, Tjörnin Lake is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike to stroll, birdwatch and even ice skate in the winter!.
Tjörnin Lake -]]>
DjúpalónssandurDjúpalónssandur, in Snaefellsnes, is a black sand beach located at the foot of the Snaefellsjökull glacier famous for its spectacular rock formations.
Djúpalónssandur -]]>
Ytri TungaIn the south of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is Ytri Tunga, an enormous beach and one of the best places for seeing seals in Iceland.
Ytri Tunga -]]>
Askja VolcanoFind out what to see on the Askja Volcano, the most prominent and impressive site in the Icelandic Highlands, and how to get to the top of its caldera.
Askja Volcano -]]>
GullfossA breathtaking double waterfall, Gullfoss is Iceland's most famous waterfall and the most impressive sight in the Golden Circle.
Gullfoss -]]>
HúsavíkHúsavík, a colourful and picturesque fishing village in the north of the country, is considered to be the best place for whale watching in Iceland.
Húsavík -]]>
ArnarstapiArnarstapi, its spectacular cliffs and the flocks of sea birds that inhabit them are one of the most impressive scenes in Iceland's Snaefellsnes Peninsula.
Arnarstapi -]]>
Borgarfjordur EystriIn the village of Borgarfjordur Eystri is Hafnarhólmi, a small islet that has become one of the best places to see puffins in Iceland.
Borgarfjordur Eystri -]]>
AkureyriAkureyri is Iceland's second most important city, and offers a wide range of activities, leisure and tourist attractions.
Akureyri -]]>
LátrabjargThe rugged cliffs of Látrabjarg in the Westfjords are the best place to see puffins in Iceland, as well as offering other birdwatching opportunities.
Látrabjarg -]]>
LandmannalaugarLocated in the Highlands, Landmannalaugar is one of Iceland's natural paradises.
Landmannalaugar -]]>
GeysirOne of the highlights of Iceland's Golden Circle, Geysir is home to geysers which hurl boiling water up to 200 feet into the air.
Geysir -]]>
SeljalandsfossLocated on the southern coast of Iceland, Seljalandsfoss is one of the country's most spectacular waterfalls.
Seljalandsfoss -]]>
IsafjordurIsafjordur is a lively and picturesque historic fishing town that provides the ideal starting point for a trip in the Westfjords.
Isafjordur -]]>
GodafossGodafoss, which means waterfall of the gods, is a spectacular waterfall in northern Iceland between Lake Myvatn and Akureyri.
Godafoss -]]>
HvitanesThe Hvitanes peninsula is one of the best places in the Westfjords to see seals and birds while enjoying the spectacular natural landscapes.
Hvitanes -]]>
HvitserkurAn enormous basalt rock stack located in Húnaflói Bay on the coast of northwest Iceland, Hvitserkur is said to look like a dragon drinking water.
Hvitserkur -]]>
HverirHverir is a highly geothermal area near Lake Myvatn whose moon-like landscapes are sure to captivate visitors with their fumaroles and smoking mires.
Hverir -]]>
VatnajökullVatnajökull is Iceland's largest ice cap and the second biggest in Europe.
Vatnajökull -]]>
StykkishólmurAs well as being the largest and most important town on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, Stykkishólmur is one of the most beautiful towns in Iceland.
Stykkishólmur -]]>
KeridLocated in the Golden Circle, Kerid is Iceland's most photogenic crater thanks to its striking turquoise lake and red volcanic rock slopes.
Kerid -]]>
SkaftafellSkaftafell, located in to the Vatnajökull National Park, is a nature reserve in Iceland home to waterfalls, glacier lagoons and black sand beaches.
Skaftafell -]]>
SnaefellsjökullThe Snaefellsjökull glacier, located in the national park of the same name, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Iceland.
Snaefellsjökull -]]>
DettifossLocated in Vatnajökull National Park, Dettifoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland.
Dettifoss -]]>
SeydisfjordurSeydisfjordur, in the Eastern Fjords, is one of the most picturesque villages in Iceland, as well as one of the country's main cruise ports.
Seydisfjordur -]]>
SiglufjördurSiglufjördur is a small fishing village in northern Iceland that has established itself as the most picturesque village on the Trollaskagi Peninsula.
Siglufjördur -]]>
HraunfossarDiscover Hraunfossar, a spectacular waterfall in the west of Iceland where the turquoise water flows directly from the lava field.
Hraunfossar -]]>
VestmannaeyjarVestmannaeyjar is a small archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland known for its spectacular volcanic landscapes and abundant wildlife.
Vestmannaeyjar -]]>
VíkDespite its small size, Vík is one of the most visited villages in the country thanks to its ideal location for visiting the southern coast of Iceland.
Vík -]]>
DimmuborgirDimmuborgir, near Lake Myvatn, is an area of lava fields, volcanic caves and rock formations that can be explored by hiking trails.
Dimmuborgir -]]>
HofsósThe pool at Hofsós, with its idyllic views of the Skagfjordur Fjord, has put this small village on the map of tourist routes in northern Iceland.
Hofsós -]]>
HólmavíkThe picturesque village of Hólmavík is an excellent place to stay before a trip around the Westfjords.
Hólmavík -]]>
LangjökullLangjökull, in the west of Iceland, is the second largest glacier in the country.
Langjökull -]]>
HverfjallHverfjall is a large crater near Lake Myvatn and one of the most fascinating volcanic landscapes in Iceland.
Hverfjall -]]>
GrjótagjáGrjótagjá is a small lava cave near Lake Myvatn.
Grjótagjá -]]>
National Museum of IcelandThe National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik is the best place to visit for a fascinating and in-depth journey through 1200 years of history.
National Museum of Iceland -]]>
Perlan MuseumThe Perlan Museum in Reykjavik is a modern building in which the wonders of Icelandic nature are explored in a dynamic and entertaining way.
Perlan Museum -]]>
Árbær MuseumÁrbaer is an open-air museum on the outskirts of Reykjavik that shows what life was like in Iceland in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Árbær Museum -]]>
The Settlement CenterThe Settlement Center, in Borgarnes, is a museum that showcases one of the Icelandic sagas and the settlement of Iceland.
The Settlement Center -]]>
Phallological MuseumThe Icelandic Phallological Museum is Reykjavik's most curious museum, housing an extensive collection of phallic artwork, penises and penile parts.
Phallological Museum -]]>
The Settlement ExhibitionThe Settlement Exhibition is a modern interactive museum in Reykjavik built around one of the oldest archaeological sites in Iceland.
The Settlement Exhibition -]]>
National Gallery of IcelandFind out where, when and what to see at the National Gallery of Iceland, an important collection of 19th and 20th century Icelandic art.
National Gallery of Iceland -]]>
Hallgrímskirkja Its striking façade and 244 foot tall tower make Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Iceland, one of the most iconic symbols of Reykjavik.
Hallgrímskirkja -]]>
Reykjavik CathedralReykjavik Cathedral, despite its modest size and architecture, is the most important Lutheran church in Iceland.
Reykjavik Cathedral -]]>
Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most famous geothermal spa.
Blue Lagoon -]]>
Myvatn Nature BathsThe Myvatn Nature Baths are one of the best experiences that can be enjoyed at Lake Myvatn - true Icelandic-style relaxation!.
Myvatn Nature Baths -]]>
Secret LagoonFludir's beautiful Secret Lagoon is the oldest pool in Iceland and one of the best places in the country to relax thanks to its natural hot springs.
Secret Lagoon -]]>
Pollurinn Hot SpringsThe Pollurinn Hot Springs are one of the must-see attractions of the Westfjords thanks to their free-to-use thermal baths and impressive views.
Pollurinn Hot Springs -]]>
Icelandic ParliamentDiscover the history of the Icelandic Parliament, also known as the Althing: the most important government building in Reykjavik and in the country.
Icelandic Parliament -]]>