The rugged cliffs of Látrabjarg in the Westfjords are the best place to see puffins in Iceland, as well as offering other birdwatching opportunities.

The cliffs of Látrabjarg are not only one of the wildest and most remote places in the Westfjords, but also in the country. They're the westernmost point of Iceland! This isolation and its climate have made Látrabjarg a favourite spot for the thousands of sea birds that live there, including friendly puffins.

As well as being an excellent place for birdwatching, Látrabjarg is also known for its impressive landscapes. The cliffs reach over 1,300 feet (400 metres) high in some cases and stretch over 8 miles (14 kilometres) along the Icelandic coastline.

Abandoned wrecks

Located on Route 612, which leads to Látrabjarg, you'll find the abandoned wrecks of a ship and a plane. The ship, a Garðar 64 BA built more than 100 years ago in Norway to travel along the Icelandic coast in search of whales, is considered one of the oldest ships in Iceland.

The plane is an abandoned US Army aircraft like the Sólheimasandur plane on Vík Beach, and despite its condition, you can still visit the inside–if the birds let you! A number of birds nest on the fuselage, sometimes blocking the way of curious tourists.

Beaches near Látrabjarg

A few kilometres from Latrabjarg are 2 of the best beaches in Iceland: Rauðisandur and Breiðavík. Rauðisandur, which means "red sand", is a long stretch of fine red sand where it's sometimes possible to see seals. The other beach, Breiðavík, is equally peaceful. Known for its golden sands, it's ideal for a walk if the weather is good.

How to get to Látrabjarg from Isafjordur?

The cliffs of Látrabjarg are 125 miles (200 kilometres) south of Isafjordur. Aside from a handful of organised excursions with local companies, the only way to reach them is with a rental car.  

The journey to Látrabjarg from Isafjordur takes almost 4 hours and passes through some of the most impressive landscapes in the Westfjords, but it does require patience as many of the roads are unpaved.