Hverfjall is a large crater near Lake Myvatn and one of the most fascinating volcanic landscapes in Iceland. Visitors can walk around the rim for spectacular views of the surrounding area.

A large volcanic eruption 2,500 years ago caused the formation of Hverfjall, a huge crater of an intense black colour. Its almost perfectly circular shape and height of 1,380 feet (420 metres) makes it a must-see attraction when visiting Lake Myvatn.

It's possible to climb up the slope to the rim around the crater, where you'll enjoy unparalleled views of the crater itself as well as the volcanic landscapes surrounding it, like Dimmuborgir and other parts of Lake Myvatn.

How to visit Hverfjall?

Renting a car and driving to Hverfjall is the most convenient option, as it is only 3 miles (5 kilometres) south of Reykjahlid, on a small detour from Route 848.

Some people also choose to walk to Hverfjall from Grjótagjá, as there is a trail available.