The Settlement Center - Opening times, prices & location
The Settlement Center

Discover the history of Iceland through two dynamic exhibitions at The Settlement Center in Borgarnes, which showcases one of the Icelandic sagas and the settlement of the island.

In the lively town of Borgarnes, you'll find The Settlement Center, one of the most interesting and fun museums to learn about Icelandic history. The museum is home to two exhibitions: one dedicated to the settlement of Iceland and the other to the Saga of Egil.

Settlement of Iceland Exhibition

Through information panels and audiovisual explanations, this exhibition describes how Iceland was first settled from the 9th century AD onwards. Visitors can discover how the Vikings lived in the country and how one of the first parliaments in history was created in Thingvellir National Park.

Egil's Saga Exhibition

This colourful and entertaining exhibition, ideal for family visits, tells the story of the Saga of Egil, one of the most important and famous literary works in Icelandic history.

Free audioguide

Your ticket to The Settlement Center includes a free audioguide in fifteen different languages including English. The explanations are clear and help to better understand what is on display at the museum.

How to visit The Settlement Center?

As with most of Iceland's main tourist attractions, the most convenient way to visit The Settlement Center is by rental car. The museum is located in Borgarnes, halfway between Reykjavik and Akureyri, and is therefore reached via the Ring Road which circles Iceland.


Daily from 10 am to 9 pm


Adults: 2,500 kr (US$ 17.70)
Students and seniors over 67: 1,900 kr (US$ 13.40)
Children under 14: free entry