Ytri Tunga

In the south of the Snaesfellnes Peninsula is Ytri Tunga, an enormous beach and one of the best places for seeing seals in Iceland. Find out how to visit!

Located on the south coast of the Snaesfellnes Peninsula is Ytri Tunga, a beach that would receive little attention if it wasn't for the seal colony that inhabits the area, making it one of the best places for seal sightings in Iceland after Hvitanes in the Westfjords.

There are a number of different species of seal in Iceland, and two of them can be seen at Ytri Tuna: the common seal and the grey seal.

When is the best time to see seals in Ytri Tunga?

As a rule, the best season to see seals in Ytri Tunga is during the summer months between May and July, especially when the tide is low. When the sea level drops, the seals usually bask on the rocks, making it easy to spot them from the beach.

Please remember it is important to maintain a minimum distance of 164 feet (50 metres) from the seals on Ytri Tunga.

How to visit Ytri Tunga?

The only way to get to Ytri Tunga Beach is to rent a car and drive along Route 54, which circles Snaesfellnes, and turn off on the small road that leads to the coast. Keep your eyes peeled for the signpost, as it's quite small and easy to miss!