Despite having a population of barely more than 2,500 inhabitants, Isafjordur is the largest and liveliest town in the Westfjords, and provides the ideal starting point for a trip in the region.

Located on the shores of Skutulsfjörður Fjord, the small town of Isafjordur has become the metropolis of the Westfjords for its hotels, restaurants and its location as the ideal starting point to explore the most remote region of Iceland.

Isafjordur has a small but picturesque historic centre with beautiful architecture: the tin-roofed wooden houses are as quaint and colourful as when they were built over 300 years ago. What's more, its unique location gives visitors an unparalleled view of the icy fjord and the snow-capped mountains.

Westfjords Heritage Museum

In Isafjordur's historic harbour, you can visit the Westfjords Heritage Museum, a permanent exhibition located in one of the town's oldest houses. Across the three floors of the museum, you'll find documentary videos about what life was like here in the past, as well as objects that allow for a better understanding of the local history, culture and economy: fishing and seafaring items, old newspapers... and even whale harpoons! 

While it is an interesting visit, the museum isn't unmissable if you don't have much time to spend in Isafjordur.

How to visit Isafjordur?

There are two main means of transport to get to Isafjordur: by plane or by car. There are usually two daily flights to Isafjordur Airport from Reykjavik's domestic airport, but if you prefer a cheaper option that allows you to enjoy other Icelandic towns and attractions, the best option is to rent a car. It's about 280 miles (450 kilometres) from Reykjavik, so around a six hour drive. About an hour and a half of this route is on the Ring Road, and the rest of the journey is via secondary roads deep in the Icelandic countryside.