Tjörnin Lake

Tjörnin Lake

Located in central Reykjavik, Tjörnin Lake is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike to stroll, birdwatch and even ice skate in the winter!

Tjörnin, which is Icelandic for "The Pond" is a small urban lagoon home to more than forty different species of birds including ducks, swans and geese. In fact, one of the favourite activities of Reykjavik's locals is strolling around Tjörnin and feeding the birds while enjoying one of the most beautiful landscapes in the capital.

During the winter, it's possible to enjoy the lake in a completely different way, as it freezes over and becomes an ice skating rink! Thinking of the importance of nature as always, the Icelandic authorities always make sure that part of the lake remains defrosted so that the birds can continue to live here.

What to see in Lake Tjörnin?

As well as enjoying the views at day or night - this is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Reykjavik - the shores of Lake Tjörnin are home to several of the city's top tourist attractions. On the northern bank are some of the most important government buildings: the Icelandic Parliament and the postmodern Reykjavik City Hall, which houses a large 3D map of Iceland that visitors can enter to see.

On the lake's eastern bank, you'll see the striking green and white façade of the Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík, or Lutheran Free Church, located next to the National Gallery of Iceland, home to a significant collection of Icelandic artwork.

Finally, to the southwest of Tjörnin there's a quiet park full of sculptures created by Icelandic women sculptors, as well as the National Museum of Iceland, a must-do visit in Reykjavik.