Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

In 1891, Icelanders took advantage of the natural hot springs in Fludir to build the Secret Lagoon. Ever since then, locals and tourists alike have flocked to the pool to relax and enjoy the water's healing properties in spectacular surroundings.

Thanks to the country's unique geography and constant geothermal activity, there are numerous hot springs in Iceland. The Secret Lagoon is one of the most outstanding, both for the quality of its waters and for its location near the Golden Circle.

This natural spa was the first pool in Iceland, built in 1891 to make the most of the thermal spring at Hverahólmir, near the small town of Fludir. Since its construction, the Secret Lagoon has been enjoyed by many people wanting to relax in a quieter environment than other thermal pools in the area, such as the Blue Lagoon.

The Secret Lagoon consists of a single pool continuously supplied with hot and cold currents, making it a perfectly toasty 38 to 40°C (100 to 104 °F). While relaxing in the hot springs, visitors can enjoy the views of the natural landscapes surrounding them, including a geyser spouting jets of hot water and steam every few minutes.

Secret Lagoon Ticket

Due to high demand, it's always recommended to book your tickets to visit the Secret Lagoon in advance. You can do so online via our website: Secret Lagoon Ticket.

Northern Lights at the Secret Lagoon

Due to its location around a hour from Reykjavik, the Fludir area is far enough away from light pollution to be an ideal place to enjoy one  of Iceland's most special natural phenomena. Relaxing in the steaming waters of the hot springs while seeing the Northern Lights at the Secret Lagoon is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have on your trip.

Remember that the best time to see the aurora borealis are the winter months of December, January and February, although they have been known to appear in March, September, October and November too.

How to visit the Secret Lagoon?

There are a few different ways to reach the Secret Lagoon. The most flexible is to rent a car and make your own way there: it's around an hour and a half drive east from Reykjavik or two hours to the northwest from Vik. If you're visiting the Golden Circle by car you'll find it's located an hour from Thingvellir and half an hour from Gullfoss and Geysir respectively.

Public transport to the Secret Lagoon from Reykjavik takes the best part of three hours and involves a number of changes, so the other most convenient option is to book an organised excursion to the hot springs. Our Secret Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour includes transfers from Reykjavik, entrance to the pool, a delicious buffet dinner and watching the aurora borealis - a perfect day!


1 October to 31 May: daily from 11 am to 8 pm.

1 June to 30 September: daily from 10 am to 10 pm.


Adults: 3,000 kr (US$ 21.50).
Seniors over 67 and people with disabilities: 2,200 kr (US$ 15.80).
Children under 14 (max 3 per adult): free entry.

Secret Lagoon Ticket 3,300 kr (US$ 23.60)