With just over 2000 inhabitants, Húsavík has established itself as an essential stop on any route around Iceland as it is an ideal place to see whales and puffins.

Located in the bay of Skjálfandi on Iceland's northern coast, Húsavík is a small town that relies on fishing and tourism, especially from visitors in search of the country's wealth of wildlife.

Whale watching in Húsavík

While other destinations in northern Iceland provide excellent whale watching opportunities too, Húsavík has rightly become known as the top place to see these incredible creatures. The waters of Skjálfandi Bay are home to up to eleven different species of cetacean that come to the coast to feed. Book your whale watching tour in advance to see Húsavík's most majestic inhabitants.

When to see whales in Húsavík?

The best time to see whales in Húsavík is summer, between the months of June and August. It's almost guaranteed that you'll see the animals throughout this season, but less likely during the rest of the year.

Puffin watching in Húsavík

While whales are the star of the show, it's also possible to see puffins in Húsavík. Just off the coast in Skjálfandi Bay is Lundey, or "Island of the Puffins", so-called for the large flocks of the bird that nest on its cliffs. The best time for puffin sightings in Húsavík is from mid-April to mid-August, when Icelandic weather is more temperate. To make the most of your time in Húsavík and see its incredible wildlife, book our whale and puffin watching tour.

What to see in Húsavík?

In addition to its wildlife-spotting opportunities, Húsavík also happens to be one of the most picturesque towns in northern Iceland, and boasts a number of tourist attractions:

  • Húsavíkurkirkja: this early 19th century church captivates visitors with its striking white, red and green wood façade and Tyrolean-style architecture.
  • Húsavík Whale Museum: the perfect complement to your whale watching boat trip, this museum explains fascinating facts about the creatures that live on the north coast of Iceland, as well as dealing with the history of whaling in the country and the current environmental laws.

How to visit Húsavík?

The easiest way to visit Húsavík is by rental car: take Route 85 from the Ring Road.