Dimmuborgir, near Lake Myvatn, is an area of lava fields, volcanic caves and rock formations that can be explored by signposted hiking trails.

Some 2300 years ago, a volcanic eruption occurred - as has often happened throughout Iceland's history - near Lake Myvatn, an area known for its geothermal activity. Dimmuborgir was thus formed when molten lava flowed through an old swamp, creating spectacular rock formations that almost resemble buildings, earning its name, which means "Dark Castles".

Thanks to a number of marked trails of varying length and difficulty, visitors can walk through Dimmuborgir and admire the natural caves, arches, pillars and other intriguing structures.

How to visit Dimmuborgir?

The easiest and most popular way to visit Dimmuborgir is by rental car. The volcanic formations are located on the eastern shore of Lake Myvatn, just six kilometres from the town of Reykjahlid on Route 848.

For the more active travellers, there is also the option to walk to Dimmuborgir. It's a relatively easy route that doesn't involve climbing steep slopes or walking over difficult terrain, but it does take around an hour and a half.