Pollurinn Hot Springs - Free pools in the Westfjords
Pollurinn Hot Springs

Pollurinn Hot Springs

They may not be as well known as the Blue Lagoon or Myvtan Nature Baths, but Pollurinn Hot Springs are one of the must-see attractions of the Westfjords thanks to their free-to-use thermal baths and impressive views.

In the middle of the Westfjords, well off the beaten tourist track, are the Pollurinn Hot Springs. The thermal baths, carefully maintained by the residents of Tálknafjörður, welcome any visitor to bathe completely free of charge.

The complex is composed of three small pools of hot water heated to between 36 and 40°C (96 to 104ºF) by a natural spring. Because of their shallow depth, the best way to relax at Pollurinn is to sit and enjoy the hot springs while you take in the panoramic views of the Tálknafjörður Fjord - and all for free!

Alongside the swimming pools, Pollurinn has a free parking lot and small, basic changing room facilities. Next to them you'll find a small shower where you have to take a thorough shower before entering the pools, as dictated by Icelandic tradition.

How to visit Pollurinn Hot Springs?

As Tálknafjörður is small and doesn't have many services, the only viable way to visit the hot springs is with a rental car: once you pass the village, continue driving about 2.5 miles (4 kilometres) on Route 617 until you see the pools themselves.