An intense smell of sulphur and large columns of steam will make any car driving along the Ring Road stop to admire one of Iceland's most impressive landscapes: Hverir, a highly geothermal area near Lake Myvatn.

Hverir is one of the most active geothermal areas in all of Iceland. Also known as Hverarönd, this region stands out for its ochre coloured landscapes and the numerous fumaroles and boiling mud pools dotted over its moon-like terrain.

In spite of the intense smell of sulphur, its curious geothermal activity entices visitors to walk along Hverir's trails and marvel at the natural wonders of Earth. Due to the high heats of the subsoil at Hverir, it's very important not to leave the signposted paths, both to preserve the impressive landscapes and to avoid getting burned by the steam from the fumaroles or putting your foot in a boiling mire!

How to visit Hverir?

The steaming landscapes of Hverir are located right next to the Ring Road, making it an easy stop while driving on the road that surrounds Iceland if you've rented a car. If you are driving, be aware that there is limited signage, however, the plumes of smoke and cars in the car park should give you a clue that you've reached the right place!