Thanks to its location in the Highlands and difficult access, Landmannalaugar has remained one of Iceland's natural paradises. Find out what to see and how to get there.

Not far from the Golden Circle or Vík is Landmannalaugar, a virtually untouched region of Iceland where nature is at its purest thanks to the area being isolated for almost ten months of the year. The snow and ice of the harsh Icelandic winter covers Landmannalaugar for much of the year, but rising temperatures reveal a spectacular landscape of colourful mountains and geothermal pools

Although it is an area where you really have to take in the whole impressive panoramic, some of the most popular places in Landmannalaugar are Ljótipollur crater - literally "Ugly Pond", although the name does not do it justice! - and Lake Frostastadavatn.

How to visit Landmannalaugar?

There are two ways to visit Landmannalaugar: rent a car and drive there or book an organised excursion. In both cases, access depends on Icelandic weather and is only possible during the summer months.

Landmannalaugar is a true paradise for the more adventurous visitors looking for hiking trails and hot springs off the beaten path. While it's possible to visit by yourself, it's important to note that like the rest of the Highlands, there are very few services (including gas stations) and the roads are bumpy, unpaved with the occasional need to drive through streams and creeks, so it's essential to have an off-road vehicle and to travel prepared!

If your rental car isn't a 4x4 and you'd prefer to leave the off-road driving to an expert, the best way to visit Landmannalaugar is on an organised tour - book our Landmannalaugar Day Trip from Reykjavik for your summer trip to Iceland.