Kirkjufell and the Kirkjufellfoss Waterfall located at its feet form one of the most emblematic views of Iceland, and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Snaefellsnes after starring in Game of Thrones.

With its curious, almost perfect cone-shaped peak looming above the rugged coastline at 463 meters in height, Kirkjufell - or "Church Mountain" - has become one of the most photographed landmarks in Iceland.

Despite the fact that it's completely possible to climb the mountain, provided you're accompanied by a local guide, most tourists prefer to stay at the bottom of Kirkjufell to marvel at one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country.

If you plan on visiting Kirkjufell in winter, we recommend bringing crampons to enjoy the experience comfortably.


At the foot of Kirkjufell is Kirkjufellfoss. This waterfall may be small compared to others in the country, but it's no less charming. In fact, most photographs of the mountain are taken from the Kirkjufellfoss Waterfalls, as the image of them both together perfectly captures Iceland's dramatic beauty.

Kirkjufell in Game of Thrones

Among the many movie and TV filming locations in Iceland, Kirkjufell is one of the most popular thanks to its appearance in the sixth and seventh seasons of Game of Thrones as the Arrowhead Mountain. The iconic mountain and its waterfall are first seen in The Hound's vision in season six, and later the landscapes play host to a harrowing battle between the White Walkers and beloved GoT characters like Jon Snow and Jorah Mormont.

How to get to Kirkjufell?

The easiest and most comfortable way to reach Kirkjufell is by rental car. Both the mountain and Kirkjufellfoss are located just off Route 54, past the village of Grundarfjörður.

If you'd prefer, you can visit Kirkjufell accompanied by a guide on a tour of Snaefellsnes, allowing you to spend a day or two exploring the spectacular landscapes of this area of Iceland. Take a look at our Snaefellsnes 2-Day Trip from Reykjavik.