Siglufjördur is a small fishing village in northern Iceland that has established itself as the most picturesque village on the Trollaskagi Peninsula

Siglufjordur, or Siglo as it is also known, is a small fishing village in the north of Iceland where time seems to have stood still. The colourful tin-framed wooden houses fill the historic centre of Siglufjordur with unparalleled charm and make it one of the most special places on the Trollaskagi Peninsula.

So much so that Siglufjordur has become a very popular place not only for tourists but for Icelanders themselves, after being the main setting for an Icelandic TV series: Trapped, an intriguing story released in 2015.

The Herring Era

In the 1960s, northern Iceland was hit hard by a decreased number of herring on its shores. Siglufjordur, one of the main fishing ports in Trollaskagi, specialised in catching this species and as a result entered into a deep decline from which it is still trying to recover.

So important was herring for the population of Sigló that today one of the must-see attractions in the town is the Herring Era Museum. Across its three buildings, the museum showcases what life was like in Siglufjordur in those golden years of herring fishing from the beginning of the 20th century to the end of the 1960s. A true journey into the past!

How to visit Siglufjordur?

As with many destinations in Iceland, it is possible to visit Siglufjordur by bus, however the service depends on the weather and means relying on inflexible timetables. The easiest way by far to visit the village is by rental car: from Akureyri, after turning off the Ring Road, take Route 82 to Route 76. If you continue on 76 around the peninsula, you can stop at Hofsós on your way back round!