Prices & travel costs in Iceland

Prices & travel costs in Iceland

Are restaurants expensive? How much does a coffee cost? How much money should you bring for a few days in Reykjavik? Discover how much it costs to travel to Iceland and plan ahead to save money on your trip!

Prices in Iceland are high compared to other European countries, as is the case in other Nordic destinations such as Oslo or Copenhagen. We've compiled a list of the basic things visitors are likely to buy below so you can get an idea for costs.

Tipping in Iceland is not as widely expected as in other countries of the world as service charges are usually included in restaurant bills.

Check out the currency conversions from the Icelandic króna here.

Food and drink

  • Coffee: 400 ISK.
  • Bottle of water: 300 ISK.
  • Large beer: 1000 ISK.
  • Soft drink: 350 ISK.
  • Lunch in an Icelandic restaurant: 4000 ISK.
  • Bottle of gin in a liquor store: 6000 ISK.


Tourist attractions


  • Single bed in dorm room: 4000 - 7000 ISK.
  • Double room in guesthouse: 18000 - 28000 ISK.
  • Double room in boutique hotel: 30000 - 45000 ISK.