Taxis in Iceland - Information, prices and advice
Taxis in Iceland

Taxis in Iceland

The taxi service in Iceland is mainly based in Reykjavik, and due to its high prices and the availability of public transport, it is not widely used.

Iceland does not have a very extensive taxi service, and in fact, 80% of the taxi fleet is concentrated in Reykjavik, so their availability in areas such as  Lake Myvatn and East Iceland, and the Westfjords is limited. If you need a taxi in more remote areas like these, it's often necessary to book a taxi in advance via a special number, as there are no taxi ranks in use.

Taxi prices in Iceland, like other services in the country, are quite high. Below, you can see an example of taxi fares:

  • Minimum fare: 730 kr (US$ 5.20)
  • Each kilometre: 341 kr (US$ 2.40)
  • One hour wait: 7,920 kr (US$ 56)


The high prices coupled with how small Reykjavik is and its good bus network mean that it's not usually necessary to take a taxi. However, they can be useful if you miss the last city bus during the week, as night buses only run on Fridays and Saturdays.

Taxis between Reykjavík and Keflavik Airport

One of the most common taxi service routes in Iceland is between Reykjavik city center and Keflavik Airport. The price of this journey is not fixed and varies according to traffic. In general, it takes around 45 minutes and can cost between 16,000 kr (US$ 113.20) and 20,000 kr (US$ 141.50).